From a Title block Family type, this node will create Sheets in the project, with the provided names and numbers. Length of lists will define the number of new sheets. Supposed to be fed with an excel spreadsheet for example.


13 thoughts on “Tool.CreateEmptySheet

  1. Hi Julien,

    Thanks for your presentation at Paris Revit User Group. I checked out your dynamo file for creating sheets with your steamnode “Tool.CreateEmptySheet”. It worked, yet it would only create a single sheet instead of plenty, any idea why ?

    merci pour une réponse !


    1. It has to deal with revit transaction. I had the issue myself at second run. For now, open dyn file and run it. If you need to add sheets, close Dynamo, save revit file, and run the dyn file again with the updated excel spreadsheet. Hope it helps. I have to look into it.

  2. Hi Julien,

    Great work!! The node works beautifully!

    Just one question: if I feed in a string in the SheetNames input I don’t get the full name as the Sheet Name but just the single letters.
    i.e. If I want to create 3 sheets with the sheet numbers 1, 2 and 3 and I want the name of those sheets to be ANDREA, I will get 3 sheets called A – 1, N – 2, D – 3.
    Do you have any idea about why?

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