What is Spring Nodes?

spring nodes logo.jpg
Spring Nodes’ main focus is to improve Dynamo’s interaction with Revit. It’s wider goal is to explore any and all means that can help accelerate BIM focused work-flows. Many of the nodes use either IronPython or DesignScript and can be a good starting point for learning the specific syntax and finer points of both.

The package repository is posted on GitHub under the MIT license. You will also find all the sample files and brief descriptions there, that can further demonstrate how some of the nodes work.

Nobody likes squeaky springs. Therefore your recommendations and ideas on how to improve this package further are always welcome. Please be sure to report any issues or feedback directly to the repository.

Some of the nodes provided in this package have been sprung by existing content, such as the wonderful SteamNodes, archi-lab.net, Clockwork and LunchBox, because every great mechanism could use a spare spring from time to time. The aim is to always improve upon the original content either by enabling additional functionality or opening up new uses. By giving it a new twist, we avoid affecting the original content’s goals and direction.



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