Rolling Pin Node Index

I recently sliced off a few nodes focused on package management and have placed them in a new package called RollingPin.

Current Node List:

Check DYF folder for Dependencies in Package Folders
Get DYF Dependencies for One DYF File
Get DYF Dependencies through Recursion v1
List Nested Node Nicknames for Folder
List Nodes in DYFs for an Entire Folder
Node Names From Directory String
Package Folder Details
Report Dynamo Package Details by Folder
Show Dependency Ids for one DYF
Show Dependency Nodes for one DYF
Summary and Node Search for a Folder of DYFs

Get DYF Dependencies through Recursion v1

This node takes single DYF file in one input, and the path to your main package folder in the other. It gets the path to DYF files that the main DYF requires, and outputs a list of file paths to those ‘dependencies’. In this version, the node repeats about 4 times to get custom nodes 4 or 5 levels deep from the initial dyf.

Check DYF folder for Dependencies in Package Folders

This node is primarily a package audit and management tool. Given a folder (containing dyf files), it will attempt to get the dependencies, then compare that with all node names in the Package folder and subfolders. Then, it will list the Package Name and Node name of dependencies found in the Directory Path. This can be used to find and remove dyf dependencies from your Dynamo package.