Mantis Shrimp Node Index

Maintained by Konrad Sobon.
Mantis Shrimp is a interoperability project that allows you to easily import Grasshopper and/or Rhino geometry into Dynamo. It is an open source project with all of the source code available on gitHub:

You can also find a Grasshopper Mantis Shrimp group at: Mantis Shrimp

Get Objects by Layer
Get Objects by Type
Get Rhino File
Get Rhino Layers
Get Rhino Mesh Face Center
Get Rhino Object GUID
Get Rhino Object Layer
Get Rhino Object Name
Get Rhino Object Type
Get Rhino Object User Strings
GH UV String to DS UV
Read GH File
RH Arc to DS Arc
RH Brep to DS Polysurface
RH Circle to DS Circle
RH Ellipse to DS Ellipse
RH Extrusion to DS Polysurface
RH Geometry to DS Geometry
RH Line to DS Line
RH Mesh to DS Mesh
RH Nurbs Surface to DS Nurbs Surface
RH NurbsCurve to DS NurbsCurve
RH Point to DS Point
RH PolyCurve to DS PolyCurve
RH Polyline to DS Polycurve
Specify RhinoCommon.dll Path
Write GH File


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