Resource: Dynamo for Grasshopper Users

Paul Wintour has created a 15 page document that outlines the differences and similarities between some Grasshopper and Dynamo Nodes. If you know one of the programs but not the other, this may be a good place to start…

Download at: Dynamo For Grasshopper users pdf


Dynamo For Grasshopper users_1600x2100From Parametric Monkey:

To assist Rhino users in becoming acquainted with Dynamo, I have produced a ‘Dynamo for Grasshopper Users‘ primer. Since everything is a little different in Dynamo, the primer provides a list of ‘translations’ in order to find a comparable node/component.


Resource: Videos and Youtube Channels

Here are some good places to look for Dynamo demo and training videos:

Check out DynamoThoughts – YouTube

Zach Kron’s videos at his channel

Dynamo videos by ArchSmarter

Screencasts about Dynamo (92 so far)

San Francisco Dynamo User Group

Advanced Computational Design for BIM Playlist

Dynamo Tutorials Playlist


Secrets of Dynamo BIM Playlist

Resource: Thesis by Thomas Vogt – Current application of graphical programming in the design phase of a BIM project

Subtitle: Development opportunities and future scenarios with ‘Dynamo’

This 155 page document is very detailed and covers a number of interesting topics, including:

  • Fundamentals of graphic programming, such as History of graphical programming
  • Graphical programming with Dynamo, including technological challenges and Future of Dynamo
  • Survey results

Full credit to Thomas Michael Vogt for his work on this Thesis.

Can be downloaded at:
PDF download



Resource: Node Book for Dynamo (download)

There are a number of efforts out there that share some of the purpose of Dynamo Nodes. For instance, the Dynamo Primer lists details of certain core nodes, as does Enjoy Revit for list actions.

Obviously, Dynamo Nodes aims to be a unified portal for Nodes, which includes Custom and Core Nodes, along with the opportunity to Search, Tag, Rate, and Comment on specific nodes and their use.

A similar indexing or glossary effort was undertaken by Thomas Vogt, and his work has been collected in a Node Book for Dynamo. You can download the Node Book for Dynamo v2 at:

I would sincerely encourage anyone who wants to work on a glossary or index like this to contact me and I will invite you as a Contributor here on Dynamo Nodes. If we work together we will be able to make and maintain the best resource for Dynamo Nodes on the web.

Quote from Thomas Vogt:
This is a new version of the node book, but I have no time to completely finish it. Maybe some of you can use it anyway for something…