Orchid Node Index

OrchidNodes in Orchid for Dynamo are continuously being developed, therefore is the most secure site to use the Orchid dictionary to get information about the nodes in the package, or follow the Orchid distribution at GitHub. News are being published at the Orchid blog.

Nodes are generally arranged in two GUI assemblies, which means that the Orchid package can be used both in the “sandbox” version (nodes that are not dependent of Revit.dll), and in the “full” version where all nodes are available. Both GUI assemblies get the methods from the commands assembly.
In the commands assembly is all methods located. These methods (commands) can be used in code blocks (design script) like the dynamo commands.

Inside Dynamo are nodes arranged into different headings: Core, Elements, FamilyDocument, Applications, and about. Currently hold Orchid for Dynamo +150 nodes!

What is Orchid?

OrchidOrchid is a solution designed to support practical, technical, logical, and mathematical issues. In particular, is the solution designed to handle nD-list issues. In addition, are solutions for applications included in the BIM wheel supported, which not necessarily are Autodesk products.

Orchid Distribution:
To get Orchid for Dynamo please visit GitHub, chose either to clone or download the content, or use the executable installer. Please follow the instruction on GitHub.

Orchid Blog:
At the blog is information, updates, tips and tricks for Orchid published.

Orchid Dictionary:
In the dictionary is nodes in the Orchid package described.

Orchid Samples:
In the samples folder are examples in using the Orchid package placed. For further informations read the Readme file!