CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers | Bimorph Nodes

importInstance : ImportInstance
layerNames : string[] (optional)
createModelLines : bool (optional)
lineStyleNames : string[] (optional)

Curves[][] : Curves[][] or ModelLines[][]
layerNameKeys[] : string[]

Convert curves from a CAD Link or Import to Dynamo curves or Revit Model Lines using the file layer names as a filter.

Layer names can be input to filter and convert only curves on those layers. Curves are output in sublists based on their layer name and mapped to the Lines Line Style to prevent unwanted CAD styles from entering your Revit project. Alternatively, Line Style names can be input to map each sublist to that style during conversion. To convert all layers, leave the layerName input unconnected. Input layerNames and LineStyleNames are case-sensitive.

The node is optimised to convert curve-types that typically fail when using Dynamo’s Element.Curves node or Revit’s Explode tool for enhanced performance. The node also circumvents the 10000 element limit set by Revit for greater workflow flexibility.

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