What is Dynablaster?


Dynablaster is a small package of custom Dynamo nodes, developed to reuse short concatenations of nodes that appear frequently in everyday Dynamo workflows. It is focused in Revit data management rather than in complex geometry generation.

Mostly built with Out Of The Box nodes, DesignScript is used to “compact” the definitions in  pursuit of writing the shortest possible code for a given purpose. Motivated by the great community of Dynamo users, the author is learning Python to improve his skills and will implement it on Dynablaster Nodes at some point.

There are a group of nodes related to Dyno Browser plugin. These nodes help generating the Json configuration file. The functionality however, is limited. The author has no affiliation with the developers of Dyno Browser.

Dynablaster was the name for the european distribution of the old videogame “Bomberman”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynablaster


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