Set List of Values to List of Elements for One Parameter

This has three inputs: an element list, a single parameter name, and a list of values to set to that parameter. The two lists should match in length for predictable results. The values must match the data type allowed by the parameter in Revit. After setting the values, this node returns the now-modified elements as an output.

Get Linked Element from Element Id and Doc

This node takes a String of the RVT Link File name, and a list of Element Ids as Integers, and outputs the matching elements and their location points. It is quite ‘slow’ in processing terms, as it has to collect all element Ids from the Linked document. A similar, faster node in Bakery is Get Linked Element by Link Name Search and Element GUID, but it requires you to know the element GUID first.

Workflow: Paste List of Element Ids and Get their Room Number in Federated Model

This workflow was designed to work this way:

· Paste a list of Element Ids into the blue area, these can be copied directly from Excel rows

· Set the input Link filename, and the source Room filename

· Click Run and it will use Room.IsPointInside to check which Linked Room that Linked element resides in

· It will output list to Clipboard as a string that can be directly pasted to Excel

These list-to-string-to-clipboard (and vice versa) nodes allow for easy editing and re-running of a node, without having to handle CSV or Excel input / output. This is useful for quick investigations.

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