Workflow: Send List of DYF Node Names to Clipboard

In this workflow, you simply input a Directory Path and it will get all the node names of the DYF files in that folder, and send them directly to Clipboard. For the Clipboard integration to work, it must be run from a Revit-Dynamo instance (not in Sandbox mode).

Workflow Send List of DYF Node Names to Clipboard

Following this, you can switch to another application and use Ctrl+V to Paste the data. If you want to create tasks in Asana from these line items, paste it temporarily in Notepad and then Cut-Paste 100 items at a time directly into the Asana task list.



This will take the FileĀ  Path to a dyf file as input, and return many properties of that node. In the example below, List.Map is used to iterate through and return only the Node name.

Custom Node Info