Workflow: Drive Instance Parameter by Mapping Owner View via Excel

Quick Summary: get all instances of a specific family type , get the Owner View, get a parameter from the Owner View, use that parameter to lookup another value in an Excel sheet, then drive an instance parameter back into the family instances based on the Excel lookup.

Source: What Revit Wants


If you are looking to impott points to Revit from Trimble(and vice versa) then you can use these nodes to assist. This takes a file path(CSV recommended), sheet name, family type, and separator in order to output a certain family at the specified location that can help you visualize what is going on in the field.

I have a point family available here:

Repository here:

and some YouTube instructions here:

Please feel free to email me if you have any issues!Import


This node opens a file in Navisworks, and can be run from Dynamo in sandbox or standalone mode. The Boolean switch optionally allows Navisworks to run ‘hidden’ or in the background (when set to false). The output is a ‘OpenNavisFile’ object, which is used in other DynaWorks nodes.