Everything about this node is pretty much the same as the Form.ByLoftCrossSection, except it can create multiple loft forms based on the lists structure passed into it and assign them to be solids or voids based on a list of boolean values (true / false).


Form.ByLoftCrossSections is one of two OOTB Dynamo nodes available in Revit that produces a type Form geometry (native Revit geometry). It requires the input of a ModelCurve which you can get from either a Modelcurve.ByCurve or a ModelCurve.ReferenceByCurve. You can only use this node in a family as both the ModelCurve and Form.ByLoft nodes will only work in family environment.

Form.ByLoftCrossSections closeupForm.ByLoftCrossSections

If you pass a false into the isSolid you will get a void rather than a solid.


If you need a more complex geometry in Revit, take a look at the Form.ByGeometry node from Spring Nodes.