Use Floors to Make Named 3D Section Box View and Apply Template

Send a List of Floors to this Node, along with a desired Level and Comments value, and it will make a Section Box 3D view. You will also need to supply View Template Name and View Name Suffix as Strings. It can be used with List.Map as per below to create multiple views for different Comments values.

List Sectors for Given Elements

This node will take an element list, and a list of ‘sector bounding floor elements’. The floor elements need to have the Comments parameter populated with a Sector identifier. This node uses the OOTB Geometry node Geometry.DoesIntersect to check if the element location point intersects with one of the floor elements, and then outputs a list of where each element was found.

Filter Floors by Comments and Level and Make Section Box View

This node requires Floor objects that have been populated with a Comments parameter as an identifier. In the workflow example below, a linked model contains the Floors. These are selected and filtered to the specific Level and identifier, and with that one Floor object in hand, the Dynamo script goes on to make a Section Boxed 3D View around that Floor, Set its Name, and Set a View Template to the newly created view.