Get Parents for Parts from Host and One Linked Document

This node takes a list of Parts, and one string to search Link names for. It then gets the first parent from each part, and attempts to obtain the actual Revit element from either the current (host) model, or from the Link document matching the string input. With a bit more work, this node can be extended or replaced by a new version that handles parts from many different source Link documents.

Get LinkElementIds from Parts

Parts can be created from items in the current (host) model, or from elements in a linked Revit model. In both cases, the ‘source’ or ‘parent’ or ‘original’ element is defined in a LinkElementId object. This node lists the LinkElementId objects for Parts that are input. To determine whether they are from a Link or from Host elements, the LinkElementId object needs to be queried.

Create Parts for Linked Elements

Using a List of elements from Linked Documents, and a 1:1 matching length list of Document objects, this node will attempt to Create Parts in the current document for each linked element. It will report True if successful, False if it fails. Note: This first version only handles situations where there is one Link Instance for each Link Document.