What is Orchid?

OrchidOrchid is a solution designed to support practical, technical, logical, and mathematical issues. In particular, is the solution designed to handle nD-list issues. In addition, are solutions for applications included in the BIM wheel supported, which not necessarily are Autodesk products.

Orchid Distribution:
To get Orchid for Dynamo please visit GitHub, chose either to clone or download the content, or use the executable installer. Please follow the instruction on GitHub.

Orchid Blog:
At the blog is information, updates, tips and tricks for Orchid published.

Orchid Dictionary:
In the dictionary is nodes in the Orchid package described.

Orchid Samples:
In the samples folder are examples in using the Orchid package placed. For further informations read the Readme file!

What is Flux?

Flux connects multiple design and documentation platforms in the cloud. There is an overview here, but the key relationship to Dynamo at this stage is a link to Excel for quantification.

No doubt the capabilities will continue to extend in the future…

The image below shows the multi-user editing and synchronization methodology.


Download Flux here, or direct link

Learn about Dynamo to Flux here

Other notes on availability here

What is Bakery?

Bakery is a real mixture. Some completely custom work, like an XML reader with ElementTree, and lots of derivative work that relies heavily on other packages like Clockwork, Lunchbox and archi-lab. Basically, if I build something and find it useful, I pretty much add it to Bakery. Sometime in the future I hope to do a big cleanup and get everything looking nice and clean, but at the moment it is definitely a work in progress…

but give it a try and you just might find something tasty in the Bakery!

What is in the Bakery? Check out the Bakery Node Index.

If you don’t want to deal with other packages wanting to uninstall and reinstall when installing Bakery, just download it from the Package Manager website as a ZIP, then unzip to this directory:


Related: http://whatrevitwants.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/bakery-for-dynamo.html

On GitHub at: BakeryForDynamo

Recent list of nodes: http://whatrevitwants.blogspot.com.au/2015/10/big-update-to-bakery-package-for.html

Current dependencies:

What is Dynablaster?


Dynablaster is a small package of custom Dynamo nodes, developed to reuse short concatenations of nodes that appear frequently in everyday Dynamo workflows. It is focused in Revit data management rather than in complex geometry generation.

Mostly built with Out Of The Box nodes, DesignScript is used to “compact” the definitions in  pursuit of writing the shortest possible code for a given purpose. Motivated by the great community of Dynamo users, the author is learning Python to improve his skills and will implement it on Dynablaster Nodes at some point.

There are a group of nodes related to Dyno Browser plugin. These nodes help generating the Json configuration file. The functionality however, is limited. The author has no affiliation with the developers of Dyno Browser.

Dynablaster was the name for the european distribution of the old videogame “Bomberman”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynablaster

What is Rhythm?


Rhythm is a collection of custom nodes for the Dynamo visual programming environment. The idea is this package helps users maintain Rhythm in Revit with Dynamo. It primarily consists of out of the box Dynamo nodes used in clever ways as they apply to the Revit environment.

There will be a series of posts providing examples of what the 80+ custom nodes in Rhythm can do for you.

Interested in the inner workings of Rhythm? Feel free to check it out on GitHub!