Remove List from List by Item not Value

This List management node will take two lists, and will incrementally take away one list from the other. If you have ListA=1,1,1,1,1 and ListB=1,1,1 and feed them to this node, you should get ListC=1,1. It is used when you want to compare two lists that may have very similar item values. In the example below, it is used to take one single View away from a list of views (notice the different lengths of resulting list).

Use Floors to Make Named 3D Section Box View and Apply Template

Send a List of Floors to this Node, along with a desired Level and Comments value, and it will make a Section Box 3D view. You will also need to supply View Template Name and View Name Suffix as Strings. It can be used with List.Map as per below to create multiple views for different Comments values.