12 thoughts on “Create Worksets for Revit Link Filenames

  1. Having trouble finding the “Create Worksets for Revit Link Filenames” node in the package.

    Running dynamo 0.9 i Revit 15

  2. Hi, the node returns a “Are worksets enabled” output. I’m using a workshared file, Revit 2015, Dynamo 1.2.0. Any idea what’s wrong?

      1. Hi, yeah i installed R2 after i read that R2 is required for workset creation to work, and it took me a while to find out that installing R2 after one has already installed past UR4 wouldn’t work. So I uninstall and reinstalled Revit with the updates progressively, and it worked! Thank you! It’s a great script!

  3. Luke,
    This is very helpful, but would be nice if it goes back and gather the links and put them into their corresponding worksets that have been created.

  4. Luke, this is a very useful script! It would be perfect if it would go back and put the links into the corresponding workset that have just been created.

  5. Hi Luke,

    I am getting “Are worksets enabled?” in Revit 2016 Update 7 for R2, Revit 2017.2 and Revit 2018.1, with Dynamo and Bakery package 2017.6.16. Do I have to install any other package?

    1. It worked after uninstalling Bakery package 2017.6.16 and installing 2017.1.213.
      I guess it was the missing dependent packages which does not get installed with the latest update.

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