Create Navisworks Search Set XML for Element Ids

This node is an early proof of concept to demonstrate how a Navisworks search set xml can be built using Dynamo, running from the Revit environment. This example takes an element Id list, and then builds the XML using Core String and WriteToFile nodes. It can then be imported and used in Navisworks.


8 thoughts on “Create Navisworks Search Set XML for Element Ids

  1. Great Work!!! Luke have been searching around for a node like this for months!! are you going to include that node in some of the existent packages ? or github?

  2. I’ve downloaded Bakery 2016.3.1 and DynaWorks15 & 16 but I’m still unable to find the node for “Create Navisworks Search Set XML from Element IDS”.

    Where can I get this?


  3. Thanks Luke,
    exactly what I was looking for.

    But there are some performance issues I would say?
    Writing the xml with 10k objects (3mb xml file) takes severall minutes and reading it inNavisworks takes ~15 minutes.

    Any chance that could be speeded up?


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