Dynamo Hierarchy: Rhythm>Revit>Elements>Viewport>Viewport.LocationData


This node will obtain the box location data from the provided viewport.


viewport: Element


bBox: BoundingBox

boxCenter : Point

boxOutline : Curve


5 thoughts on “Viewport.LocationData

    1. It should still be in the latest version of Rhythm. What version of Rhythm, Dynamo and Revit are you in?

      1. I have downloaded the latest edition of Rhythm, currently working with dynamo 1.2.1 in revit 2017. Maybe i have to instal the latest version of dynamo…

        it is strange beceause when i download the latest rhythm version there wont even be this node in the folder.

        1. I believe that is the culprit. Dynamo 1.2.1 seems to not allow Rhythm to load completely.

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