Dynamo Hierarchy: Rhythm>Revit>Elements>Mullion>Mullion.SortByDirection


This will sort mullions of a host curtain wall by the direction they are facing.


hostingElement : Wall


Horizontal : Element

Vertical : Element


5 thoughts on “Mullion.SortByDirection

  1. Ok, I will give that a try.

    I’m a little curious as to way this node was retired? Is there a better way of selecting only vertical mullions that you can suggest?

    Thanks for the response.

    1. The node was retired since Dynamo 2.0 was released. With Dynamo 2.0 comes a fundamental file format change that makes anything that is a DYF or DYN (the filetypes that Dynamo uses) not backward compatible. This forced me to choose between two options. Option 1: Have 2 versions of Rhythm for each major version of Dynamo, eg. “Rhythm for Dynamo 1.x” and “Rhythm for Dynamo 2.x”. Option2: Continue my long term goals of migrating Rhythm to be fully “Zero Touch” c# code. I went with option 2 as it provides a more stable product and further compatibility. That being said, if that node is that important to you I can add it to a future Rhythm release. Please add an issue on GitHub if you would like to see this added back as a C# version.

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