GIS2BIM Node Index

Package published by Maarten Vroegindeweij

Set of nodes to load 2D and 3D raster and vector GIS-data from various sources into Revit.

  • WMS: Web Map Service: rasterdata as aerialphotos, maps.
  • WMTS: Web Map Tile Service: rasterdata downloaded as tiles and after then combined and import in a view.
  • WFS: Web Future Service: vectordata from a geoxml/geoJSON converted to curves, detail lines and filled regions.
  • POINTCLOUD: LASZip can be used to filter, crop and modify pointclouds and converts them into points in Dynamo.
  • NETHERLANDS Quite some nodes to load GIS-data for the Netherlands such as kadaster, AHN, BAG, BGT, PDOK
  • HAWAI Geoserviceslibrary for Cadastre
  • SOUTH AFRICA Geoserviceslibrary for Cadastre
  • ARCGIS First approach to load data from ARCGIS-services via the REST API
  • GOOGLE Geocoding with the Google API and download OSM-data.
  • GEF Import GEF-files for modelling of the subsoil with data from CPT-files
  • CRS Library with all Coordinate Reference Systems from EPSG and tools to transform coordinates from one CRS to another

Current nodes

GetSharedCoordinate Get shared coordinate/project basepoint
SearchCRS Search for a Coordinate Reference System
SetSharedCoordinate Set shared coordinate/project basepoint
TransformCRS_epsg Uses the ESRI webserver to convert coordinates between coördinatesystems
ArcGISJSONtoPolygons Convert a JSON-file from a ARCGIS-server to points and polygons. And transforms the coordinates to the Revit project basepoint(WORK IN PROGRESS)
CreateDetaillinesFromPolygons Create detaillines from polygons in a view
CreatePointFromGML Create Points from space seperated GML
CreatePointsPolygonFromGMLxy Create points and polygons from a xml/gml-file
CreatePointsPolygonFromGMLxyz Create points and polygons from a xml/gml-file with x,y and z value
FilterGML Filter GML-file based on boundingbox
Open Street Maps
DownloadOSM Download openstreetmaps using de overpass API
OSM3DBuilding Filter OSM-data and look for buildings with ‘height’ parameter and create 3D solid
DownloadLASZIP Download LASZIP
BuildCMDLASZIP Create scriptfile to run laszip
LASZIPCommands Commandline options for LASZIP
PTStoPoints Convert a pts-file(ascii) to dynamo points
ReadGEFCPT Convert a GEF-file into soillayers. GEF=Geotechnical Exchange Format
GEFCPTTo3DSoilLayers Creates 3D site families for each unique soillayer
ArcGIS_REST_API_QUERY ArcGIS query to webservers using the REST api(WORK IN PROGRESS)
CombineImages WMTSCombineImages
CreateBoundingbox Create boundingboxstring in syntax to use in webrequests.
CreateBoundingboxLATLONG Create boundingbox with from lat/long coordinate in degrees
GeoCodingGoogleAPI Gets coordinate from address with google API
GetMortonCodeCoordinate Get mortoncode given 2 coordinates and tiledimension. For more information check:
ImportImageInVIew Import image in view
SetImageWidth Set width of imported raster image
UnzipFile Unzip zip-file
WebrequestWMS Imports the result(image) of a webrequest based on WMS-protocol into a view in Revit
WebrequestWMS2 Get the image from a WMS-webrequest
WebrequestWMTS WMTS=Web Map Tile Service imports the result(images) of a webrequest based on WMTS-protocol into a view in Revit
WMTSTileListFromBbox WMTS=Web Map Tile Service gives a list with tiles
WMTSZoomLevelTileRow WMTS=Web Map Tile Service gives the tilerow and tilecolumn for the WMTS webrequest
SouthAfricaGeoservicesLibrary Geoservices in SouthAfrica
HawaiGeoservicesLibrary Geoservices in Hawai
BelgiumGeoservicesLibrary Geoservices in Belgium(coming soon)
NetherlandsGeoservicesLibrary Library with multiple webadresses which can be used for WFS and WMS webrequests
SpainGeoservicesLibrary Geoservices in Spain(coming soon)
BGT2D Import BGT from the Netherlands
DownloadAHN Download AHN pointcloudsets
DownloadBGTdata Download BGT-data
GetLocationdataNetherlands Gives Locationdata based on adress in the Netherlands using the PDOK-server
KadasterHouseNumbers Place textnotes for housenumbers from the dutch kadaster
KadasterPercelen Place textnotes for percelen from the dutch kadaster
SuggestLocationdata Suggests the adress in the Netherlands that best matches the given search terms
WMTSGeoservicesLibraryNetherlands WMTS=Web Map Tile Service Library with webrequests of WMTS-services in the Netherlands
WMTSLayersNetherlands Library with layers for webrequests of WMTS-services in the Netherlands
WMTSRequestAndImport Total node with WMTS webrequest and import of image in view
WMTSScaleSetNetherlands WMTS=Web Map Tile Service gives resolution, scaledenominator and number of tiles


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