How to find the family inside the Room of revit project link

This Post is show you how to get link elements , find Geometry intersection pairs and set the parameter of elements.

For the lager project that split the different part of link revit project would be very useful.


First you need to operating the Dynamo on Fmaily side Project, because the parameter need to be editable.

And following Package need.

1.Steam Node (1.0.0)

2.Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x (1.0.2)

Basic Workflow :

  1. Get the link room geometry and family location point.
  2. Check Geometry intersect with family location point.
  3. Filter the intersetion and get the “Room Name”.
  4. Get room information and set parameter to family parameter “Mark”.
  5. Family Parameter “Mark” will fill with the correct “Room Name” where the family location is.


The Dynamo workflow file can be downloaded from here