Write to Excel using only Data and File Path Inputs

This is a simple wrapper for the Excel.WriteToFile standard node, that defines some default values and makes it quicker and cleaner to use.

The actual definition simply gives some default values to the OOTB Office node, as shown:


This allows you to search a string for the existence of another string fragment inside it. It optionally can ignoreCase (default is to do a Case Sensitive search). It can work with List input at the str Input connection, and it outputs a boolean true / false list that can be used to filter other results.


This node allows the user to select a Directory by browsing the directory tree of the computer. As shown below, the output of Directory Path is essentially the same as the String path to a Directory.

Workflow: Paste List of Element Ids and Get their Room Number in Federated Model

This workflow was designed to work this way:

· Paste a list of Element Ids into the blue area, these can be copied directly from Excel rows

· Set the input Link filename, and the source Room filename

· Click Run and it will use Room.IsPointInside to check which Linked Room that Linked element resides in

· It will output list to Clipboard as a string that can be directly pasted to Excel

These list-to-string-to-clipboard (and vice versa) nodes allow for easy editing and re-running of a node, without having to handle CSV or Excel input / output. This is useful for quick investigations.

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