This allows you to search a string for the existence of another string fragment inside it. It optionally can ignoreCase (default is to do a Case Sensitive search). It can work with List input at the str Input connection, and it outputs a boolean true / false list that can be used to filter other results.


This node allows the user to select a Directory by browsing the directory tree of the computer. As shown below, the output of Directory Path is essentially the same as the String path to a Directory.

Workflow: Paste List of Element Ids and Get their Room Number in Federated Model

This workflow was designed to work this way:

· Paste a list of Element Ids into the blue area, these can be copied directly from Excel rows

· Set the input Link filename, and the source Room filename

· Click Run and it will use Room.IsPointInside to check which Linked Room that Linked element resides in

· It will output list to Clipboard as a string that can be directly pasted to Excel

These list-to-string-to-clipboard (and vice versa) nodes allow for easy editing and re-running of a node, without having to handle CSV or Excel input / output. This is useful for quick investigations.

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