Make Perspective 3D View at Element Location

This node will take an element, get its location, place a Camera view at that location and use two given Parameters from the element in the resulting View Name. It will also use the Element Id in the View Name.

Link to DYN here


12 thoughts on “Make Perspective 3D View at Element Location

  1. I still do not understand how this selects an element. I have placed a “Select Model Element” node into my script, but this does not seem to create the 3D view.

    I am using the most current stable build of Dynamo 0.9 in Revit 2014.

    I am trying to tie this into a security camera in a model.

    How does one select which element for this?

    1. Select Model Element: you have to press and then choose the element in Revit window. You could use All Elements of Category node to send all Security Devices to this node, but that may make more views than you want?

    1. After Select Model Element, go through Turn Into List or List.Create to make sure you are feeding an element list into the node.

  2. Hi Lukes, I have tried downloading the file unfortunately, the “Make Perspective 3D View at Element Location” node is not loaded in my database. please let me know how can I do this.

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