Set List of Values to List of Elements for One Parameter

This has three inputs: an element list, a single parameter name, and a list of values to set to that parameter. The two lists should match in length for predictable results. The values must match the data type allowed by the parameter in Revit. After setting the values, this node returns the now-modified elements as an output.

Remove List from List by Item not Value

This List management node will take two lists, and will incrementally take away one list from the other. If you have ListA=1,1,1,1,1 and ListB=1,1,1 and feed them to this node, you should get ListC=1,1. It is used when you want to compare two lists that may have very similar item values. In the example below, it is used to take one single View away from a list of views (notice the different lengths of resulting list).