Types of Posts on Dynamo Nodes

There are a few different types of posts on Dynamo Nodes, but they should all follow the basic rules on this page.

We recommend that you choose from one of these 7 different types of posts…

1) Basic Node Post
This post will have this basic Template:

  • Post title as Node Name (for duplicate names, use (Variant: ) after node name)
  • A brief Description if possible
  • A single, Reference image or screenshot of a Dynamo graph showing that node in Use
  • Source URL or attribution
  • Any relevant Download links, preferably using the Dropbox folder

2) Detailed Node Post
This template contains more information, such as:

  • Post title as Node Name (for duplicate names, use (Variant: ) after node name)
  • Description containing: practical, real world use case for this node, and what the node actually does to assist in solving that problem
  • 1 x Reference Image
  • Inputs: details on the input data type/screenshots
  • Outputs: what comes out of this node after it is Run?
  • Download links: especially to DYN examples, but also including to RVT, csv, xls or RFA samples if these apply
  • Additional Images: including more real world graph screenshots, and also images showing the internal working of the node (DYF)
  • Uses: what other workflows can this node facilitate?
  • Source URL or attribution
  • Links to related posts on DynamoWorks
  • Future Development: if you are the node developer, what plans do you have to develop this node further?

As you can see, a Basic Post can be edited and converted to a Detailed Post, simply by adding the extra information.

3) Workflow Post
This is a way to share completed script workflows, typically as a DYN script attached to the post. These should be added to the Category Workflows in WordPress, and the post title should begin with Workflow:

4) Package Overview Post
If you would like to share an overall aim or story related to a specific package, please do this once for each package only, Tag with PackageDescription, and title the post like this:
What is PackageName?

5) Package Index
This post type is a list of all nodes in a specific package. Initially, this should be a flat list of Node names in text format, and then links can be added as each node page is posted to Dynamo Nodes. Tag with PackageIndex. We can use various tools to update these pages from time to time.

6) Resource Post
This post type is a way to share or re-share useful Dynamo resources that appear on other sites. Categorize as Resource Links. Tag with ResourceSharing. Begin post name with Resource:

7) Video Post
This is a way to share or re-share training or demonstration videos, related to Dynamo or DynamoBIM generally. Categorize as Videos. Tag with VideoSharing. Begin post title with Video:


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