Workflow: Creating finishing Floors from Rooms

Do you think that creating finishing floors is time consuming process? Now it is as simple as clicking a button.
Once you create the bounding Walls in Model, Revit 2016 allows you to automatically create Rooms with on click. After creating Rooms start to adjust the “Floor Finish” parameter of each Room.
We will make advantage of the previous created Rooms with “Floor Finish” defined.
First we will create the finish Floors based on the Room geometry.
Second we will chose the finish floor type to match the one specified in the Room parameter.
The idea is so simple, select all the Rooms through the “Categories” Node then by cutting the Rooms with a Plane we can get the outline which will be the boundary of each Floor.
By reading the value of the “Floor Finish” Parameter of each Room we can specify the Floor Type for each finish floor.
Finish Floors from Rooms
The Dynamo Workflow can be downloaded from here

6 thoughts on “Workflow: Creating finishing Floors from Rooms

  1. Nice workflow. A word of warning though, in testing this I’ve discovered there is an extent to the plane. The plane radius is 100,000mm (100 metres) in a metric model. Rooms outside of this radius are not included.

    You can deconstruct the geometry room to get a localised point for the plane, this works.

  2. Great, but I have one more question:
    Is it possible to send the room number (or name) also to a certain parameter of that created floor?

  3. Hi, the script is simple not working at me. Can it be caused cos I am using Revit with German language, so the parameters are named different?

  4. Great work. I know what I want is a bit peculiar and certainly not possible, but is there a way also to add spaces under the door openings? I know this only reads room model and puts a floor on the base, but is there any possibility to make this through dynamo?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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