Create View Filter

This creates a simple view filter based on the following inputs:

· Categories

· A built in parameter name (not the same as a natural parameter name)

· A parameter value

· Desired filter name

The filter element can then be applied to Views or View Templates.

The type of filter created is a simple “Contains” rule. However, the code could be modified and extended to handle all of the various rule factory conditions (see here).


9 thoughts on “Create View Filter

  1. Hi Luke,

    Thks for the explanation,.

    The thing is that I can’t find those nodes in bakery package (create view filters, add view filters)



      1. Luke!
        Thanks a lot for your nodes!
        When I opened some for create or add filter there was a problem with one “TurnIntoList” (it turns red and node didn’t work). How can I fix it?

  2. I can not get it to work. I have recreated your definition, but nothing happens after running. Is this because I am working with Revit 2015?

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