Sheet.Duplicate | Bimorph Nodes

sheets : Sheet[]
run : bool
duplicateWithViews : bool
duplicateOption : int
suffix : string
prefix : string

report[] : string[]
Sheet[] : Sheet[]

Duplicate selected Sheets with options to specify the duplication of placed Views and the method of duplication. The node will identify illegal characters in View names (such as {3D} for example) and clean them automatically to circumvent unexpected failures.

The algorithm which controls the duplicate View behaviour has been designed so that dependent Views are duplicated from a newly created parent View to maintain the existing View structure. The node will also check if the parent View exists on subsequent runs to handle situations where any of its other dependent Views need to be duplicated.

The report output provides a detailed log of any Sheets that fail to duplicate, any Views that fail to duplicate or cant be placed, and View names cleaned of illegal characters.

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