CAD.ReportInstances | Bimorph Nodes

filePath : string[] (optional)
refresh : bool
close : bool

report[][] : string[][]
CADLinks[] : ImportInstance[]
CADImports[] : ImportInstance[]

Generates a report of all CAD links and imports in the active Revit document. The node provides detailed information on: instance name, link status, view specific, owner view id, workset name, file path and host level. Linked and Imported CAD links are output into lists to aid with CAD file management in Revit.

To report the active Revit document, leave the filePath input unconnected. To report any external Revit file or Family silently (without opening) simply input its file path using an out-of-the-box File Path node.

Visit Bimorph Nodes for more information and downloadable example graphs



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