Workflow: Create Structural Framing Opening for Horizontal Ducts in Revit 2016 using Dynamo 0.9.2


Hello folks

It’s been a long time since my last post. Today we will use a new technique to get the intersection polygons between Structural Framing and Ducts in Revit using Dynamo.

This topic has been inspired by Matt Wash and we will use the Location Curve property of Line Based families to get the plane at which the intersection points exist. Then we will use this plane to get the intersection polygon from the Ducts.

As we have the polygons we can pass it to the Python script node to let the magic begin.

The sample Revit project file can be downloaded from here.

The Dynamo workflow can be downloaded from here.

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All Elements of Category

This is one of the simplest ways to select Revit objects in Dynamo. Simply feed a Categories selection into this All Elements of Category node, and after the script is Run, those objects will be selected in the Dynamo session.