This node is the first of a group of three nodes. They are meant to help with the creation of the preset file, which is a .JSON file.Refer to the workflow post for further details.

This file defines for a given “preset”, the inputs which will be accessible from DynoBrowser panel.  see more at http://dyno.arcprojects.ru/

With this node, you define an input.

It has three inputs; Name, Value and Description. The node will look for the data type and write it accordingly.


The string creation is held by a python script node:DynoPresetInputGenerator_py


You can define more than one input, and lace them together into a list and pass it to the next node, which is DynoPresetGenerator.


The author of these nodes is no affiliated with DynoBrowser developer. Refer to http://dyno.arcprojects.ru/ for more information




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