Revit Section View at Line

In large models, Revit can be agonisingly slow to regenerate when trying to draw a new Section View (it is usually trying to detect the required view depth). This node was created to quickly make section views by selecting Line elements in Revit. Here’s how to use it:

1. Open a Plan where you can see Revit Lines

2. Open Dynamo

3. Place the Revit Section View at Line node

4. Set desired View Depth (Far Clip Offset)

5. Set desired View Height (the base of the section will likely be Floor Plan level, with top of the section based on this value)

6. Set FlipSection to true if you want to rotate the plane through 180 degrees (effectively flipping the section)

7. Use “Select Model Elements” or a similar element collection node or method to feed a list of Detail Lines and/or Model Lines into the revitLines input

This initial version has been set up for Sections intended to be visible on Plan views, and will not work in other planar situations (such as running from an Elevation). Future versions could look at working on any Line in any view, and possibly allowing any plane Rotation (such as 90 degrees for perpendicular sections).

Note: you may have to press Run twice to make it work, depending on your version and system?

This screencast shows the node in action:


25 thoughts on “Revit Section View at Line

  1. I seem to be having a hard time finding the “Revit Section View at Line” node. I have latest Bakery package. Is there some other package it might be in??

      1. Hi.
        This node in latest release is not working also for me.
        When I clik edit there are nulls in watch after
        whole background is yellow

  2. Hello, I’m trying to use this good function, but the “TurnintoList” node in the” Revit Section View at Line” is red. Is it possible to fix that one. Thanks a lot!

  3. Hello, I’m trying to use this good function, but the “TurnintoList” node in the” Revit Section View at Line” is red. Is it possible to fix that one. Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi
    Just started using this node and everything works perfectly, however I would like to pass a list of heights to the node and everything I have tried crashes Dynamo.

    Is it possible to have a list of view heights?

    1. The node might have to be upgraded and fixed up a bit to improve the ‘lacing’ – so that it could take a list of view heights. So it needs a bit of fixing but then it can do what you want?

      1. That sounds like it will work thank you. I have had a look inside the node to see if there was something simple I could do. I will carry on with this and I’ll let you know how I get on.

        Many thanks

        1. Just a short update.

          I think I hit a dead end trying to update the custom nodes so I have gone back to a post by Dimitar Venkov back in October 2015.

          I’m making some progress with a list of view heights but the list structure is still causing problems.

  5. Dear Luke,

    I’m having the same issue as the node gives null as output but it is still working. However I need the views to rename them.

    Looking at it I don’t understand why it is working 🙂

    When you open the node the Preflight node element input is not connected anywhere.
    When I have pasted all node content into my work area to check what is happening the preflight node content just goes with errors due to the missing element input.
    Connecting the detail lines there did not help so I was not able to find out what is the issue.
    Any help appreciated.

  6. Luke, your post was very helpful for me, I finally did it.

    Thanks for your contribution from Colombia!!!

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