Workflow: Deleting ‘Not Placed’ Rooms by Level

Overview: This workflow allows the user to automate the process of deleting ‘not placed’ rooms by level from the model, schedules, etc.

Packages: ‘Archi-lab’ and ‘Rhythm’.

Download: Download from Dropbox

Delete not placed rooms

Step 1: Create a room schedule

By creating a room schedule we can identify if there are any ‘not placed’ rooms in our model, and what level they are on.

Delete not placed rooms2

Step 2: Open the script in Dynamo, select level and ‘run’.

Next we open Dynamo and our script, and choose the level we’d like to delete the ‘not placed’ rooms from. When we click ‘run’, our final ‘watch’ node tells us how many rooms have been deleted.

Delete not placed rooms3

Delete not placed rooms4

Step 3: Back in Revit

Now if we go back to our room schedule in Revit, we can see that the ‘not placed’ rooms on our selected level have been deleted. This process can be repeated to delete all ‘not placed’ rooms in the model.

Delete not placed rooms5

A simple script, but it’s one that can come in handy!

3 thoughts on “Workflow: Deleting ‘Not Placed’ Rooms by Level

  1. Looking for the delete elements node. I thought it was located in the archi-lab library but it is not located there, they only have elements.delete and it doesn’t work the same way. Can you point me in the right direction?

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