Workflow: Family Distribution Part 3

In today’s lesson we will see how to distribute the “Chair” Family over a squared equally spaced grid.

The lacing technique will be used in this lesson to quickly establish the square grid of eleven rows and eleven columns spaced equally by 1000 unit.

We will need to use the following Nodes:

  • 4 x Number
  • Range
  • Family Types
  • Point.ByCoordinates
  • FamilyInstance.ByPoint

First we will generate a list of X and Y values by using the “Range” Node. These values will specify the number of rows, columns and the distances between them respectively.

By changing the lacing of the “Point.ByCoordinates” Node to Cross Product, we get every combination between each value in the X values list and Y values list, giving us an 11 x 11 grid of points. This is an equivalent data structure to the cross product, except our data is now a list of lists.

From the “Family Types” Node select the “Chair” Family. By connecting the “FamilyInstance.ByPoint” Node input to the “Family Types” Node output and the “Point.ByCordinates Node output, we can see that we have 121 chairs arranged in a grid of 11 rows by 11 columns.Family Distribution Part 3

The Dynamo Workflow can be downloaded from here


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